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The following Blog entries are tips and tricks for dealing with side effects as a breast cancer patient, Please be advised everyone has different medical needs. Before doing anything please consult your doctor prior to trying anything new.


How Swimming Can Help With Lymphedema

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

By Nacole Ali for Pink Notes

Lymphedema can definitely put a damper on some activities depending on your individual case and your level of activity. Keeping it at bay is important. Do some research and take note of some things that you can do to keep your hand or arm from swelling up.

One thing that is recommended it keeping the weight down. Keeping your weight down will help you recover and lower chances for re-occurrence, so it's not a bad idea.

Studies have also shown that swimming may help people with lymphedema, but there may be some risks involved. Before you go swimming speak to your doctor.

Drink a lot of water, and try and stay out of the heat. Don't let it stop you, just make sure you take precaution. There are Lymphedema specialist that will assist you with making the right decisions for you, just ask your doctor.

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