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The following Blog entries are tips and tricks for dealing with side effects as a breast cancer patient, Please be advised everyone has different medical needs. Before doing anything please consult your doctor prior to trying anything new.


Quieting Down Your Mind Will Help You Heal

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

By Nacole Ali for Pink Notes

According to experts around the world meditation reduces stress and fosters clear thinking, and increases energy. Sitting in your own stillness, breathing, consistency, and creating a quite space for yourself is all you need. You may need guided mediation to get you started. There are many guided meditations you can down load on various platforms i.e. iTunes, podcast, etc. You can also view meditation videos on YouTube, Netflix, or other platforms of the like. With you body going though traumatic change any thing that will will assist with mental, and emotional benefits may be with a try. This is not just for patients but for caregivers, and anyone who needs to quite down the noise in their body to produce a better them. Who knows this experience may create a daily habit of daily relaxation that your body has been needing. After a few sessions hopefully you will experience the benefits for yourself.

A typical session is about 20 minutes give or take a few minutes. The experts vary on timing. It is not easy at first but once you get the hang of it - it will become a part of your day. And you will be less stressed.

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