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The following Blog entries are tips and tricks for dealing with side effects as a breast cancer patient, Please be advised everyone has different medical needs. Before doing anything please consult your doctor prior to trying anything new.


7 Great Side Gigs You Can Do While In Recovery

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

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By Rufus Carter, Gust Blogger

Looking for a new job after recovery can be a stressful, full-time job in itself. However, there are ways to make ends meet while you’re out looking for a job. Whether you’re recovering from breast cancer or addiction, it’s important to have mental strength as you’re on the job market. Here are some great side gigs that you can try out while hunting.

1. Pet sitting

According to the New York Times, more people are taking advantage of apps to find pet sitters. If you have the space, it can be a valuable way to make some money on the side. You can either go to the person’s house, or they can bring their pets to yours. This can be a great gig if you’re in cancer recovery, since you won’t have to leave your home to earn money. The pets can be a nice source of companionship and give you something important to focus on.

2. Selling creations on Etsy

If you’re a craftsy person, you can sell your creations on Etsy. One important thing to try if you sell things on Etsy is some social media marketing or engagement. Focus on ways to engage customers on an individual basis. Sending general advertising messages or promotions makes it hard for your stuff to stand out. You can also promote the benefits your creations bring, rather than just focus on the features.

3. Teaching music classes

If you play an instrument of any kind, you might be qualified to teach music lessons. You can take on a couple of students at first and refine your technique in teaching. Experienced music tutors and teachers recommend taking advantage of multiple online resources as you advertise your services and get your first students.

4. Ride sharing

Ride sharing gives you a chance to meet interesting new people, minimize environmental emissions, and even do your part to help reduce traffic congestion. You can choose your hours, which is nice if you need that extra flexibility. Some ride sharing apps and companies also have services for delivery, and so if you’re looking to be a delivery person, this might be your chance.

5. Tutoring

According to an article in Forbes, the global tutoring market is worth over $100 billion. The odds are good that if you have a demonstrated track record in some academic discipline, you can make some good money by teaching other people. But even if your highest degree is from high school, if you have skills, you can teach. For example, if you’re comfortable with your command of the English language, you can find companies that will hire you to teach English.

6. Seasonal jobs

If you use job search engines, it’s possible to filter the results according to season. That way you can most effectively find seasonal or temporary work that is in your area. Seasonal jobs can exist at any time of year. If it’s getting close to the holidays, you can find seasonal work in retail or even in restaurants. If it’s the summer, there are bound to be touristy areas of where you live that you can find seasonal work. A seasonal job can help you get the income you need for now while you look for something more permanent.

7. Customer service

A customer service job can be done remotely or on-site. Some companies that offer customer service allow you to grow within that company. If you start off part-time and enjoy your customer service job, you can keep going and find ways to grow your career. Customer service can also have hours that cater best to your schedule, which can really help during busier times of life.

As part of finding that first job, consider taking advantage of job location services such as the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training apprentice programs or their Career One Stop service. Finding a job during recovery can be difficult and weigh on your mind. However, there are many resources that can help you find a job that’s a good fit for you and help you move forward in your life. Just keep on keeping on.

About The Author - Rufus Carter

Rufus Carter, is the author of Moving On: How to Find a Job Out of Rehab; soon to be released and the creator of the website Recovering Works. Recovering Works is a website dedicated to Career Resources For People With Substance Abuse Disorder. Rufus has been in recovery for 9 years and has been working as a personal trainer for the past 6 years. He has dedicated his time after recovery helping others.

His new life of recovery and working out keeps him above negative thoughts. He found that exercise and training experience was so helpful and inspiring that he decided to make becoming a personal trainer a new career path.

Rufus says, "Finding a meaningful way to live your life is essential when you’re in recovery – I’m living proof of that!"

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