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The following Blog entries are tips and tricks for dealing with side effects as a breast cancer patient, Please be advised everyone has different medical needs. Before doing anything please consult your doctor prior to trying anything new.


Glass vs Plastic

By Nacole Ali for Pink Notes While glass maybe heavier, go with glass if you can. Glass is overall a safer bet than plastic. Glass can be safely used for hot foods or liquids. Ceramic, stoneware or stainless steel containers can also be used in liu of plastic. There are no health concerns using and reusing glass as it does not pose harmful risks to environmental or personal health. If using glass in some cases is not reasonable, then try and use BPA FREE plastic containers. B

A Cool Cucumber Tip

Cucumber helps soothe muscle and aids with joint pain. All those vitamins and minerals in cucumber make it a powerful enemy of muscle and joint pain. Cucumber also has silica which is known to be the wonder mineral in cucumber that makes hair and nails stronger. Add cucumber to your salad or just eat it by its self and enjoy the benefits. #cancer #breastcancer #cucumber #cleaneating

Foods That Should Be In Your Kitchen To Help Fight Cancer

By Nacole Ali for Pink Notes Here are foods that should be in your kitchen. Don't only depend on medication. Please make sure you take care of your self from in side. Eat for YOUR diagnosis, not anyone else's. Remember, everyone is different, you do not know about everyone's health, you know about yours. Some fruits and vegetables may not be permitted for you, based on your health condition(s). Make sure that you do not compromise any of the medication you are taking; always


By Nacole Ali for Pink Notes Ginger root contains compounds that may help relieve or prevent nausea and vomiting which can help while you are undergoing chemotherapy. These substances can increase the flow of saliva and digestive juices and may also help calm the stomach and intestine. Scientists are still unsure exactly how ginger exerts these effects. According to Sloan Kettering's website studies have shown that eating fresh ginger (but not dried ginger) in high doses can