About Nacole Ali


NACOLE ALI is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, as well as a media personality, author, and business owner. She constantly strives to reach a global platform and connect with people on a large scale. Nacole was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Throughout the span of her prolific career, she worked successfully with 4 major global financial institutions over the last 20 years, with a special focus on human resources. In addition to that, Nacole dedicated her whole life to helping people move their careers forward. She assists individuals in the process of achieving their full potential, particularly through motivational reinforcement and coaching techniques. Nacole is a resilient and results-driven professional, who brings a valuable depth of expertise to the industry.


While working full-time, and following her entrepreneurial spirit, Nacole was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015.  Ever since then, she actually became even more motivated to help others in the process of coping and understanding the utmost importance of taking action.


Taking action is the gateway to a rewarding, successful and healthy life. Following her decision to explore the world of engagement speaking, Nacole has created a unique platform to encourage others to take care of themselves and move towards their goals.  Nacole has delivered empowering and inspiring speeches at prestigious events such as Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Taliah Waajid’s 20th Natural Haircare Conference, and the Women’s Empowerment Conference: Take Action on You, which featured well-known guests such as Lisa Nicole Cloud from Married to Medicine.


When Nacole hits the stage, she delivers a powerful message, while including her sense of humor along the way. Taking action is not just for those who want to get through health issues, but also for anyone who is experiencing a personal transformation. Helping people recognize their passion comes naturally to Nacole.


“It gives me pleasure to know that I may have been able to help people through my speaking. It has not always been easy for me to take center stage, but after my diagnosis, it was important for me to take action and encourage others to do just the same.”


Nacole’s first book, “Warrior: Built To Last,” is a #1 International Best Seller on Amazon. It is an astonishing insight and deeper look into Nacole’s personal journey. She has endured personal hardships, such as witnessing her sister going through drug addiction, as well as the loss of her grandparents, who raised her, and her mother battling cancer at the same time. “I am always learning a new lesson“. While life has given Nacole lemons, she is determined to constantly make lemonade and keep her sense of humor throughout.


Her bravery and strength of mind will encourage others to take action for themselves. Nacole will deliver a relative and succinct visual blueprint for the audience to leave the event with actionable items to implement on their own and truly benefit from.


Nacole exhibits leadership in diverse cultures and her knowledge spans across a vast genre of industries.


Through her business travels and personal international trips, she has had exposure to a wide variety of global markets, giving her the ability to connect the dots cross-culturally. A graduate of Bernard Baruch, Nacole demonstrates the talent to plan and execute very efficiently. She has re-invented herself to prove that she has what it takes to be successful in any and all industries.

On top of this, Nacole is the founder of the Global Charity Partners 501 c3 non-profit, which provides financial support for breast cancer patients that are currently undergoing treatment. She raised $4,700 for the Avon 39 Walk where she walked an impressive 39 miles in just two days in New York City.

Nacole has also been invited to appear on a variety of media features, including spots on The Wendy Williams Show, The Root.com, Heart and Soul Magazine, WLIB Radio, and Amsterdam News, among others.


Nacole is a born-and-raised Brooklyn girl, but sleeps in New Jersey.